How Little we Know about Particulate Matter (and Why It Matters)

Whenever we hear about bad air quality, a few pictures come to mind- industrial Beijing at its worst, or the busy streets of New Delhi, sometimes children wearing masks through the fog of Mexico City. But we rarely think of major US cities as having exceptionally bad air. After all, the United States has on average a dozen times less particulate matter than the most polluted countries, with an annual pollution level 20 percent below the safe benchmark established by the World Health Organization. »

Author image Heilly Galvez

Utah refugees:A Snapsot

Just last month, the third iteration of President Trump?s travel ban was deemed unconstitutional and halted by a federal judge. And while Mr. Trump?s third attempt to stem immigration from several mainly-Muslim countries has again failed, most are unaware that he has indeed succeeded in staunching America?s yearly intake of refugees. The Trump administration announced in September they plan to cap refugee intake at 45,000 next year, much lower than the Obama administration? »

Author image Nafisa Masud

Utah’s Toxin Production Has Gotten Out of Hand

A recent Forbes article revealed that Utah is one of the worst in the nation when it comes to producing toxic chemicals. In fact, Utah was third-highest nationally, with an astounding 273 million pounds of toxic materials produced in 2016. What’s worse, 250 million pounds of those toxins came from Salt Lake County alone, making it one of the most toxic counties in the United States, second only to Alaska’s enormous Northwest Arctic Borough. »

Author image Andrew Fronce

Hurricane Season is Almost Over, but a Utah Quake Looms on the Horizon

While 70 percent of Puerto Rico still lacks electricity after Hurricane Maria, states like Texas and Florida continue to recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, respectively. In the past two months alone, four large-scale natural disasters have wreaked havoc across the nation. Similar events have devastated countries worldwide this year- flooding in India and Nepal, a mudslide in Sierra Leone, earthquakes in Mexico and avalanches in Afghanistan have killed thousands, and displaced even more. »

Author image Nafisa Masud