Marketing Analytics and Data Science Consulting

We work with Executives to seize new opportunities by identifying true measures of success, creating data products, and applying new insights.

Our Services

As a team, we use data science and artificial intelligence
to understand the customer journey through marketing,
improve sales effectiveness, and manage operations.

Data Integration

We combine data from disperate systems to provide a wholistic view of every transaction.

Key Performance Metrics

We identify and present actionable performance metrics that go beyond conversion and handle time.


We enable accountability relative to expected performance including likelihood of conversion.

Speech Scores

We score every agent and every call for dozens of behavioral scores and quality measures.

Continuous Improvement

We enable front line managers with a tool to coach and monitor actual performance.

Coaching Playbook

We use machine learning to identify best practices and insights that drive improvement.

Latest insights

Please enjoy some of our latest insights and findings as they relate to our work and community.

How to share a dashboard and still keep your data secure?

on January 15, 2018

There are several off the shelf dashboarding tools that make it easy for business intelligence and communicating busines...

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Best Options for Automatic Voice Transcription for Call Centers

on January 10, 2018

Your data is valuable, not just the customer data you have on hand, not just the market data you use to forecast the bes...

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How Little we Know about Particulate Matter (and Why It Matters)

on November 28, 2017

Whenever we hear about bad air quality, a few pictures come to mind- industrial Beijing at its worst, or the busy street...

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